Open Source Programming

Our team is experienced at programming Open Source programs including phpBB, WordPress, ZenCart, UberCart and Drupal to name a few. We are also very seasoned in installing and customizing non-Open Source programs where our clients pay for a license of software. With either scenario, we always customize the project to perfectly suite our clients’ needs. We use these tools site building and implementation, module development, theming and ecommerce. Below is a full list of services we have provide:

  • WordPress
    • WordPress Website Development
    • Secure Ecommerce
    • WordPress Upgrades and Website Maintenance
    • WordPress Training
    • Plugin Development
    • WordPress Intranet Systems
    • WordPress Multiple User Environoments
  • Drupal
    • Drupal Website Development & Secure Ecommerce
    • Drupal Upgrades and Website Maintenance
    • Drupal Theming
    • Drupal Training
    • Module Development
    • Drupal Intranet Systems
    • Drupal Theming
    • Drupal Training
  • General Content Management Work
    • Training
    • Creating Custom Theme
    • CSS Debugging
    • Hosting and Domain Services
    • Web Design
    • Website Maintenance
    • Online Marketing
    • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Integration
    • Landing Page Design within a CMS system
    • Ecommerce integration with CMS systems.

For more information about how we can help, you with your next project please drop us a line! We promise to get back to you with some helpful advice.

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