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Global Paedratic Surgery Network

This site was created on the Open Source Drupal platform, but contains quite a bit of custom functionality which was built into the site from day one. The heart of this site is a 3-part directory for Pediatric Surgeons and those in Resource Poor Areas needing their assistance: Doctors or Organizations list trip they taking […]

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Dave Hansen Whitewater

Since 2005, Dave Hansen Whitewater has been a BB Creative Client.  This client’s web presence was slowly loosing it’s luster has been particularly exciting over the last five years.  They came to us with virtually no web presence and under new ownership.  During this time we have facilitated online reservations, new websites, search engine optimization, […]

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Tamalpais Bank

We had been working with Tamalpais Bank (Tambank.com) for two years on website maintenance and search engine optimization.  Then in 2009, we were part of a team that completely redesigned their website.  The site is built in the Content Management System, Drupal and has specific goals in mind for its website visitors.  The staff has […]

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NAIOP San Francisco Bay Area

The client came to us needing a two stage process to address their website issues.  Issue #1 was needing a complete website redesign to be more modern and engaging to their audience (membership and potential members).  The new home page changes daily with RSS news syndicated in from Commercial Real Estate.  Along with a closely […]

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Regenerative Networks

Regenerative Networks came to BB Creative with a WordPress website that they did not know how to update.  We updated the code so that the client could easily go in and update all the pages and blog posts (news items).  We also added design elements to the home page to make the website more visually […]

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Marin HR Forum

A little bit of foresight and planning went a long way in the creation of the new website for the Marin HR Forum (MarinHR.org). The website uses a content management system to centralize all the organization’s communication and membership management in one place in order to meet the organization’s current needs. Since Board Members change […]

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SEO Should Still be at the Top of the List

Businesses seem to spend a lot of time, resources, money and effort on designing and developing a website and fail to spend as much time on their online marketing initiatives. Driving traffic to a website is challenging enough, let alone retaining and converting visitors into buyers or subscribers. That’s why deciding on a marketing channel […]

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Two of Our Clients on Twitter

Two of our website design clients are making the most of Twitter: Dave Hansen Whitewater, Jackson Hole, WY.  Like their Blog, their whole staff this spring and summer has participated in tweeting.  By updating their Twitter feed so often they keep in front of the eyes of any potential clients as well as business partners […]

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“Climb The Ladder or Scale The Lattice?

Website design firms are ever so conscious of developing websites that are optimized for search engine crawlers. How would you describe your previous or current employer’s career progression system? A corporate ladder which had a series of rungs which employees climb as they gain more authority in the organization? Or a lattice system, as coined […]

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“The Shy Among Your Customers are Reading This Stuff”

Josh Bernoff, VP Forrester Research wrote in the American Marketing Association’s November 1, 2008’s edition of “Marketing News” : “The future of social applications online will not include contributions from everyone, because not everyone has the temperment to contribute.  The shy among your customers are reading this stuff, but most of them aren’t ready to […]

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