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Building a Scalable Marketing Plan

Below is a summary with commentary on a great blog post about having Scalable Marketing Plan. This methodology is a fantastic approach for small and medium sized organization as well as a great way to control costs. Click here for the orginal post.

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Search Engine Jump Start Program offered by BB Creative for the month of May

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital to your success. We strongly advocate creating an integrated strategy for SEO and Pay-Per-Click ad development. In May & June, we offer our Basic package, (normally $800) for a special rate:

For $450 we will:
– Register your site with Google & Bing/Yahoo
– Check for any dead links & remove them
– Add Google Analytics
– Create reports of the number of times your site has come up in search results & how many times each page was clicked
– Give Recommendations for further site updates to make your site more appealing to search engines

Are you interested in more? We are just a quick call away: (415) 830 – 6189

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Google Tools & Products to utilize for free

Must haves:

Google Account. This always confuses people because you have an email address such as info@bbcreativesf.com and register it as a Google account. It’s not necessary (but you are welcome to do it if you have the need), to create a google email. Google emails and accounts are separate things if necessary…

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Tamalpais Bank

We had been working with Tamalpais Bank (Tambank.com) for two years on website maintenance and search engine optimization.  Then in 2009, we were part of a team that completely redesigned their website.  The site is built in the Content Management System, Drupal and has specific goals in mind for its website visitors.  The staff has […]

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Think Like a End User, Not a Site owner

As a site owner, you may have created the world’s best website, you may believe it is the elephant in the room, which no one can ignore. Cheers, but are there any “suitors” for your elephant? Is it drawing in the traffic? Is it paying you dividends? If silence is your answer, then let the […]

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Are Your Website Vistors Behaving Properly?

Remember the good old days when the success of a website was gauged solely on tracking hits. How about hit counters on the bottom of a website that would display the total number of hits and accumulate with each passing visitor. The more hits, the more successful the website. Bring back memories? In just a […]

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What Goal Type Are You?

Talking about goals is an old topic in the world of analytics but one worth repeating. Enabling goals is one of the best ways to assess how well your site meets its business objectives. The hardest part for most website owners always seems to be identifying what goal type to use. A goal can be […]

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Is Event Tracking One of Your New Year’s Resolutions?

It’s a new year and a fresh start. For some, that means resolutions and goals for 2010. Okay. I realize that dropping a few pounds and not smoking are ideal resolutions but what about goals for your website? To me, setting up a goal would be just as easy as not touching that piece of […]

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Decide and Don’t

You have Google Analytics. Great start. You run weekly traffic reports on your website. Wonderful. Let’s just say you are even crunching the numbers. Okay. But are you making the right decisions as a result? Or, are you passing the buck to the so-called “experts” and allowing them decide for you? Sad but true, the […]

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Website Success Comes With Goals, not Just Design

It’s amazing there are still business owners who just don’t understand the fundamentals of owning a web site. With all the buzz about technology and social media, the primary focus always appears to be on web design. True, web design is important. Especially when it comes to branding. But good web site design and layout […]

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