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Google Tools & Products to utilize for free

Must haves:

Google Account. This always confuses people because you have an email address such as info@bbcreativesf.com and register it as a Google account. It’s not necessary (but you are welcome to do it if you have the need), to create a google email. Google emails and accounts are separate things if necessary…

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The Importance of Site Maps & Sitemaps

HTML site maps and XML Sitemaps both serve the same important function of providing the search engines information about your site. The HTML site map is the traditional method. However in recent years, search engines have developed the XML Sitemap protocol to assist in spidering. The benefits are: Allows Google, Yahoo and MSN to locate […]

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Effective SEO techniques for your website

Let’s get real. Getting great search engine rankings is not rocket science. Also, easy and effective SEO doesn’t cost the White House. The thumb rule: Create a real site for real people. And let inbound links come naturally, to your website. Caution: Don’t pay for links, it’s ugly and controversial too. So how do you […]

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