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Search Engine Jump Start Program offered by BB Creative for the month of May

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital to your success. We strongly advocate creating an integrated strategy for SEO and Pay-Per-Click ad development. In May & June, we offer our Basic package, (normally $800) for a special rate:

For $450 we will:
– Register your site with Google & Bing/Yahoo
– Check for any dead links & remove them
– Add Google Analytics
– Create reports of the number of times your site has come up in search results & how many times each page was clicked
– Give Recommendations for further site updates to make your site more appealing to search engines

Are you interested in more? We are just a quick call away: (415) 830 – 6189

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Google Tools & Products to utilize for free

Must haves:

Google Account. This always confuses people because you have an email address such as info@bbcreativesf.com and register it as a Google account. It’s not necessary (but you are welcome to do it if you have the need), to create a google email. Google emails and accounts are separate things if necessary…

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Social Media and the Equestrian Industry – who does it work for and where?

This post was inspired by a LinkedIn post by Carol M. Aldridge • called Charting A Course Through the Evolving Social Media Landscape. Below is our webmaster’s comments on this LinkedIn.com discussion: I have to say it’s different for tack stores, online tack stores, website portal horse trainers and horse facilities, etc.  I’m a web designer […]

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Searching for Relevancy

Just last week, after more than a year of planning and adjusting, Google introduced a sweeping change to its search algorithm aiming to strike back against so-called “content farms” that have been increasingly spamming search results over the last few years. According to Google fellow Amit Singhal (who seems to be in the news a […]

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Black Hat vs. White Hat

An effective, on-going link building campaign is an essential part of search engine optimization. But it takes dedication to the rules and ethics, as well as a substantial amount of hard work to be done properly.

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Online America

In late 2010, the Pew Research Center published a fascinating study revealing some of the online activities and trends among different age groups within the United States titled the Generations – 2010 report. Only the second annual report issued by Pew to examine online behavior, it displays the increasing desire to try to understand how […]

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Google Secrets to Webmasters

OK, Google-ians, so how are the links to your website ranked? How do you link out? How to construct internal links to your site? And get more inbound links? How many links to a page is okay? The revelation came recently, not from the sage saints of the web, but verily from the Oracle, Google […]

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