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Fraud Alert Email, Subject “American Express – Safe Key”

Just a warning if you have received the below email, it’s not real and is an attempt to steal your financial information:

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eBay password breech

Issue #1:

eBay had a catastrophic password breech. If you have a eBay make sure to change your password immediately!
Issue #2:

Scammers using a phishing technique are sending emails like the below asking you to change your eBay password, but they don’t actually take you to the eBay site.

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AOL Security Compromised

From NBC News: You’ve Got Hacked: AOL Confirms ‘Significant Number’ of Mail Users Hit

Excerpts from the article by Julianne Pepitone include:

AOL has released more details about a major hack of AOL Mail this month, in which users’ accounts were compromised to send out spam messages.

The company is still investigating the breach, but AOL confirmed in a company blog post Monday that “there was unauthorized access to information regarding a significant number of user accounts.”

Thankfully, no financial details appear to be affected. But hackers did access a trove of personal data including AOL users’ email addresses, mailing addresses, contacts, encrypted passwords, encrypted answers to security questions used for resetting passwords, and some employee information.

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Scams that just won’t go away: Part 4 – “BBB Customer Complaint”

There it was in my inbox: “Complaint Case 181818” and the sender was Better Business Bureau. Eek! What have I done? Who is so mad at me they’d complain to the BBB?

But wait – this doesn’t make sense. I’d know if someone was that mad at me. This is another scam. And so are the emails that say you have “incoming transactions” or “Your past due invoice” from a company you have never heard of. These scammers are hoping that you will open the attachment just to see what it is all about. If you do, your computer can become infected with a virus that will let them take over your hard drive, and harvest your passwords, your address book, and all your data.

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