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Ridge Capital Investors

Four years after we created their first website, in January 2016 we published an updated WordPress Theme for them.  Being that the site was already in WordPress no content needs to be moved or redeveloped.  Not only does the design present a fresh airy aesthetic but it is also Responsive Design.  The gallery shows a […]

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LeVasseur Capital

After years of a limited web presence, LeVassuer Capital commissioned BB Creative to redesign their logo and create a new, fresh website.  The client instructed us that the overall mood of their site should express calmness and tranquility.  We agreed that this was an excellent direction to portray their expertise and time proven strategy.  Photos […]

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Oracle 2016 Events

Being one of the leading public companies in the tech industry, Oracle needed a completely fresh and hip design for 2016 Corporate Events (Conferences). We fulfilled the brief with this fresh responsively design.  We then helped the client built out this design in Drupal Multi-site.  Multi-site allowed the client to duplicate the website and change […]

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The latest and greatest WordPress: about version 4.3

It’s the little things in life that make us happy and release of Wordpress is one. It’s a big release which means maybe this isn’t such small thing afterall. Having a good Wordpress website has come to mean in part, have the most up to date version of the software and all its plugins. Here’s the news directly from Wordpress.org about the recent August 2015 release of version 4.3:

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CMI Pro Risk.com

The CMI website is a tool for their sales team and brokers to connect with existing and potential customers.  It announces new products and product lines, as well as have an exhaustive and easy to use library of applications to download.

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Richey Int and the Q Report

We get so excited when we have a meeting with the Richey team.  We know that they they will present us with unique challenges that will push the boundaries of the possibilities of web and database design. David & Kyle are extremely creative, and totally dedicated to giving their customers new and powerful tools that […]

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West End Animal Center

Dr. Fred Frye has been a long time client with his former Pet Hospital, Miracle Mile Veterinary Clinic and PetAgree Pet Store. His new venture and location (opened late 2012) is also a new Veterinary Hospital, West End Animal Center (WEAC). He has big plans to offer pet health care and make veterinary services more […]

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Clinical Lawyer

Alban legal group came to BB Creative with a recently completed brand identity.  Mr. Alban needed separate websites to explain both his Legal and Psychology services.  Technically a WordPress Website, ClinicalLawyer.com ties the two sets of services together.  ClinicalLawyer.com through a series of articles, showcases Mr. Alban’s expertise. The project consists of 3 websites: ClinicalLawyer.com, […]

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Managing security & software updates on your Drupal site

You may have heard that a newer version of Drupal than your site uses has been released.  Upgrading from one version of Drupal to another is tricky at best – modules that used to work smoothly are suddenly quirky or simply cease functioning. Each whole version number (i.e.Drupal 6, Drupal 7, Drupal 8) marks a major […]

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It’s not often that a company gets the opportunity to work with an extraordinarily talented graphic design on her own website.  That opportunity was the case with Yapita Yum Dallops. Each page was laid out in by the designer in Adobe InDesign.  This can be a tall order to translate to WordPress, but we did […]

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