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LeVasseur Capital

After years of a limited web presence, LeVassuer Capital commissioned BB Creative to redesign their logo and create a new, fresh website.  The client instructed us that the overall mood of their site should express calmness and tranquility.  We agreed that this was an excellent direction to portray their expertise and time proven strategy.  Photos […]

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Oracle 2016 Events

Being one of the leading public companies in the tech industry, Oracle needed a completely fresh and hip design for 2016 Corporate Events (Conferences). We fulfilled the brief with this fresh responsively design.  We then helped the client built out this design in Drupal Multi-site.  Multi-site allowed the client to duplicate the website and change […]

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Sophos Africa 2016

For the Sophos President’s Club Event.  In 2016, this was an exotic trip to Africa.  The website design was built to be responsive and we executed all the spec’s in Drupal.  

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6 Pieces of Non-Optional Advice For Anyone Preparing to Hire an SEO Firm

based on the article of the same topic form Jerod Morri Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”) is the foundation of nearly every online marketing program, and it has the potential to be truly transformation for your business. If you are launching or re-launching a website, there is no good reason not to do so with SEO […]

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Managing security & software updates on your Drupal site

You may have heard that a newer version of Drupal than your site uses has been released.  Upgrading from one version of Drupal to another is tricky at best – modules that used to work smoothly are suddenly quirky or simply cease functioning. Each whole version number (i.e.Drupal 6, Drupal 7, Drupal 8) marks a major […]

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Global Paedratic Surgery Network

This site was created on the Open Source Drupal platform, but contains quite a bit of custom functionality which was built into the site from day one. The heart of this site is a 3-part directory for Pediatric Surgeons and those in Resource Poor Areas needing their assistance: Doctors or Organizations list trip they taking […]

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Marin HR Forum

A little bit of foresight and planning went a long way in the creation of the new website for the Marin HR Forum (MarinHR.org). The website uses a content management system to centralize all the organization’s communication and membership management in one place in order to meet the organization’s current needs. Since Board Members change […]

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2009 Inauguration Photo – SUPER HI-DEF

We love posting uses of new web technology and hope to be able implement it on our web hosting clients. It’s been amazing during the presidential to see the new technology emerge (and since the inauguration as well). Below is just one example of a new way to display high definition photos on website (blogs, […]

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