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Online America

In late 2010, the Pew Research Center published a fascinating study revealing some of the online activities and trends among different age groups within the United States titled the Generations – 2010 report. Only the second annual report issued by Pew to examine online behavior, it displays the increasing desire to try to understand how […]

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“Climb The Ladder or Scale The Lattice?

Website design firms are ever so conscious of developing websites that are optimized for search engine crawlers. How would you describe your previous or current employer’s career progression system? A corporate ladder which had a series of rungs which employees climb as they gain more authority in the organization? Or a lattice system, as coined […]

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The Path of Child’s Artwork to Blogging

A few weeks ago I had the exciting opportunity to present the topic “How To Use Blogging for the Job Search” at Job Connections in Danville, CA. It was my second time speaking before the group, and I vividly recall being stunned during my initial March 2008 presentation that 125 plus people would devote three […]

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