West End Animal Center

Dr. Fred Frye has been a long time client with his former Pet Hospital, Miracle Mile Veterinary Clinic and PetAgree Pet Store.
His new venture and location (opened late 2012) is also a new Veterinary Hospital, West End Animal Center (WEAC). He has big plans to offer pet health care and make veterinary services more affordable.  What’s the end result, a healthier Marin County pet population.  We have been delighted to be a part of this project by building a website.  Dr. Frye keeps an active blog and you can really see the depth of his knowledge as well genuine concern for pets, their owners and how personalable he is.  In 2013 & 2014 Dr. Frye will have us launch new parts to the website for pet owners to login and view medical records and exchange communications

To market WEAC we have a full gamete of social media profiles that take his blog posts and auto publish them.

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Client Testimonial

BB Creative, Virginia and everyone else involved are fantastic. I get reports monthly and I can see the progress that is made. She keeps the information flowing and comes up with new ideas to keep my website fresh – so as not to become stale. Her gentle reminders to keep me on track is just another means of helping my business grow. I really consider BB Creative an actual partner because the want to see my business thrive, grow and do spectacular.Thank you Virginia. Keep up the great work.Dr. Frederick Frye West End Animal Center West End Animal Center.com
– Dr. Fredick Frye, DVM, MBA - http://westendanimalcenter.com

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