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We get so excited when we have a meeting with the Richey team.  We know that they they will present us with unique challenges that will push the boundaries of the possibilities of web and database design. David & Kyle are extremely creative, and totally dedicated to giving their customers new and powerful tools that are unavailable anywhere except on their website. They rely on BB Creative to solve the complex design problems that would defeat other teams.   From database experts to user interface designers to programmers and security experts, our whole team produces spectacular results.

95% of the Richey website is password protected, strictly for their high-end customers’ use.  Each of these password protected sites is effectively its own micro-site.  The Richeys depend on us not only to keep their data safe from prying industrial espionage, but also to maintain our own confidentiality. You can be assured of not only top-quality design, but also top-quality professionalism. Our solutions are inventive, ingenious, and will dazzle your customers to keep them engaged and returning to your website, as the Richeys have found their customers do.

Finally, and just as important as other considerations, we can build a website that you and your team can manage and update, freeing you from being dependent on a highly skilled (and expensive) webmaster to make day-to-day changes, while maintaining multiple of levels of security and user access for your own customers.  Inquire and see what we can do for you!

Some of the other projects for Richey International we are proud of include:  theQReport.com, the Our Beliefs fireworks, and the Richey International home page with rotating photos that also change seasonally.

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Client Testimonial

Virginia and her team at BB Creative developed two websites for us, and both were exactly as we had hoped and unique to our market sector. In addition to excellent graphics and basic functionality, the BB team had to deal with complicated multi-level password access requirements and integrate apps that were developed by contractors overseas. Finally, the BB engineers helped us create an interactive, real-time charting function which other firms had told us was impossible.Throughout our relationship, Virginia and her team showed strong attention to detail as well as personalized and transparent communication. Best of all, they always made sure that our internal team could operate the site, and thus saved us money in the long term by making us self-sufficient.
– David Richey - http://www.richeyint.com

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