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Since 1998 Polowrap.com has gone through many iterations to adjust to the demanding of an every changing landscape of user experiences.  The site has a strong social media presence that is updated weekly, and keep users engaged and coming back to re-order.  BB Creative has also done the the design start to finish, as well as the design which is currently only Drupal with many out of the box and custom ecommerce options.

Some of eCommerce features include:

  • Special Category “Santa’s Workshop” that appears in December only,
  • Coupons,
  • Gift Certificates
  • Featured Items on the home page
  • When a user is looking at an item, below that item, we are “upselling” other items.  This results in a higher rate of order of multiple items.
  • We can evaluate and view abandoned shopping carts
  • connect with us over Social Media
  • Share each product on the visitors on Facebook (or other Social Media timelines)

This site is one our pet projects.  With pet projects we can explore all the new technologies.  Right now we are redesigning the look and to be “Responsive  Design”.  This is the latest and greatest term that means no matter what kind of device and screen size the site will adjust to be beautiful on that device.  Examples: Mac and PC from 9″ to 25″ monitors, tablets, smart phones.

By having a sandbox to test new ideas and modules, we can then implement this solutions to our clients with confidence.  Also since the feature is not new to use, we can program it for you at a cheaper rate.’

Recently we explored a series of email marketing to have a holiday photo contest.  It was really sucessful in getting many more people to our site through announcing and reminding people on our Social Media Sites.  In 9 months alone we acquired 2,500 Facebook fans.  For a retail store, a high Facebook count is essential.  Every day with status updates we can remind customers that we exist by making them laugh with a cartoon or a featured daily item.  We can also run one day sales.  We acquired quite a few of these Followers by running a monthly SweepStakes – anyone who “likes” our Page is elighble for a $15 monthly gift certificate give away.


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Client Testimonial

Since this is a pet project owned by BB Creative, there is not an outside testimonial.
– Virginia - http://www.polowrap.com/

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