Pearl of Wisdom Campaign

This client has complex Drupal website that we have managed since mid-2009, and have launched new campaigns for January 2010’s National Cervical Cancer Awareness Month and Mother’s Day 2010.  Over the summer of 2010, we completely redeveloped the website while working in conjunction with their Toronto based graphic designer, Alana Vachris Aird. The new website is significantly more clear on the key points of the Campaign and how users should get involved.  The website has several touchstones that ask for user interaction including asking visitors to “Tell Us Why You Care” and “Tell Your Friends.” Social media plays a big part in this new website, so that this non-profit will be able to better stay in touch with its user and extended the reach of the Campaign.


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Client Testimonial

I highly recommend BB Creative and Virginia Chatham. My experience with them was noting short of wonderful. They are timely, easily accessible, listen intently to their customers needs and deliver top notch results. BB Creative is the only way to go!
– Michelle Whitlock, Pearl of Wisdom Campaign to End Cervical Cancer - http://pearlofwisdom.us

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