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The client came to us needing a two stage process to address their website issues.  Issue #1 was needing a complete website redesign to be more modern and engaging to their audience (membership and potential members).  The new home page changes daily with RSS news syndicated in from Commercial Real Estate.  Along with a closely updated NAIOP Event list, this gives the web visitor reason to return often.  Issue #2 was having a website that could be updated by the client easily and frequently.  As the staff at NAIOP gets quite busy, BB Creative is available to step

The biggest challenge of this website was creating a custom Event Registration system that would have the below (features and more):

  1. Event listings that the public and members only can view.  Only members can register.
  2. Some events are free
  3. Most events are paid events with different payment tiers for Members versus Non-Members
  4. Sponsorship level purchase
  5. Table purchases and register the other people sitting at your table.  Tables are often different rates for Members versus Non-Members
  6. Special ticket levels for events such as the annual golf tournament
  7. Coupon Codes

The client has the ability to setup, manage events as well as add and edit every member registration.  Further more, the client prints Badge lists (preformatted) from the Attendee and Non-Member Attendee lists.

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Client Testimonial

Virginia is a dedicated partner in every sense of the word. She executes your vision to a T and then stays with you through the process to make sure nothing has gone awry along the way. In other web design processes, I have felt like I was alone to figure out the bugs, but she is there day and night to offer support. She thinks of issues 10 steps beyond that a non-tech person would not, so there are no unforeseen surprises. I would not hesitate to hire or recommend BB Creative in the future -- Virginia is absolutely the best!
– Lisa Brown, Executive Director at NAIOP - http://naiopsfba.org

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