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A little bit of foresight and planning went a long way in the creation of the new website for the Marin HR Forum (MarinHR.org). The website uses a content management system to centralize all the organization’s communication and membership management in one place in order to meet the organization’s current needs. Since Board Members change yearly, BB Creative had to make sure the website is one that is easy to learn to update and that has a user-friendly interface.  With this platform, Marin HR can easily add photos and videos to the website as well.  This website also positions the organization in all Social Media realms that HR employees in Marin County California are using.  Since the website is now updated so frequently and functions as a communication hub, the members visited the website much more often.  Since launching the new website, the traffic has increased by 50% and on days that new events are announced the website traffic surges by 800%!

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Client Testimonial

It has been a pleasure working with BB Creative. I have worked with Virginia on two projects in the last 4 years. She is the most professional, focused business partner that I have been lucky enough to work with. Her ideas are strategic, creative, and well thought out. She is very solutions oriented and will get to the core of each project and delivers on time every time. I look forward to working with Virginia for many years to come.
Lorraine Gauthier
Membership Chair Marin Human Resources Forum
and Senior Business Consultant at Nelson & Associates

When the Marin HR Forum needed to redesign our website Virginia and BB Creative came to the rescue. Our website was out-of-date and hard to manage. Our membership base rarely went to the site. Every time we wanted to update anything on the site we had to hire outside help. We needed to change the look, feel, and usability of the website all on the budget of a small non-profit organization.Virginia was instrumental in accomplishing all our website goals in a budget that didn’t break the bank. Our website is now updated and easier to use by our members. It has become a destination spot for our members and as time goes on we expect to be a main portal that members go to for meeting information, pictures of past events and breaking HR news. We can even monitor how the website is being used so that over time we can increase its usefulness to our members. The best part is that we can make any edits or updates to the website on our own. Anyone with permission can now update the website without having to have any technical knowledge. It is as easy as writing an email.Virginia was a great partner for us. She is technology-savvy but explains things in a straightforward easy-to-understand manner. She is partnership-driven and endeavored to understand our needs before making any recommendations. She worked within our budget and didn’t try to push anything on us. She gave us a plan for what we could do immediately and recommended other objectives for future. She is also a great resource for understanding the trends to help predict where things might go in the future.I could not recommend Virginia and her team more highly.
Rick Nelson
Facilities Chair Marin Human Resources Forum
and HR Department, Redwood Trust

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