DT Vet

We are proud to say that Donner Truckee Veterinary Hospital has been a client for nearly ten years.  The practice has always been stong on it’s own but through the website it has been able to maximize exposure to their Pet Bed and Breakfast as well as the Emergency 24-clinic.  Being in a tourist area as well an outdoor area, it is critical that people in emergencies being able to find this quickly on the web.

DT Vet for short is in a unique geographic area, often improperly marked on Google’s maps, which we  correct.  Also with this location we have helped the client market to local residents and tourists alike in the Donner-Truckee area as well the whole Tahoe Basin.

Their three website:

  • (mobile Site – freshly delivered May 2013)
  • DT Vet
  • DT ER
  • DT B&B

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