Our Process

When working with sole proprietors, non-profits, agencies or companies with a large number of stakeholders, we have an organized process to flesh out the goals and expectations of the web project. In addition, we create a profile for each website visitor type and how they should interact with the website. This process allows us to address multiple viewpoints and synthesize a plan incorporating as many voices as possible. Throughout the process we hold regular meetings and conference calls to keep the project on track while gathering as much feedback as possible from the stakeholders.

Analysis for your Web design projectAnalysis

Whether your organization is a start-up, public corporation, multinational, not-for-profit or a family company that has been passed from generation to generation, we walk you through an analysis process about your business needs and goals. We can also survey your clients to find out what they want and need from your site. If you already have a website, we look closely at how well it is performing and where it is falling short. Part of this process is analyzing search engine rankings and determining whether the keyword phrases generate traffic and qualified leads.

A great process makes for a great websiteBrief

From our audit and analysis we prepare a comprehensive yet concise Creative Brief. We then develop a plan to achieve these goals.


Creative process for Web DesignCreative, Compelling Intuitive Web Design

We create multiple wireframe and mock-up web designs from which you may choose. Several rounds of revisions follow in order to clarify your company’s vision.


Programming DevelopmentDevelopment Web Programming

At this point we completely build out the website with all the extra features and customization that the project requires. We build and program the site to include search engine optimization. The site is built on a stage server in case the existing website needs to remain live and so that we can review a fully functioning Beta website.

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