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Email Newsletters, Surverys & Postcard Mailing

Dive Into Email Marketing. Watch Your Response Heat Up!
VerticalResponse, Inc.

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Email Newsletters, Surverys & Postcard Mailing

Dive Into Email Marketing. Watch Your Response Heat Up!

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Stock Photos on the Web

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Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

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Merchant Services

Are you just beginning to sell online and want to learn more? Check out the helpful guides offered by the Merchant Council, an unbiased not-for-profit organization that helps educate merchants like you.

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Get $25 Off your first order from

Simply input the unique coupon code RP18DONAA in the Promotional Code field.


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Create PDF’s For Free


Great (Free) software to download and create PDF’s from any

Convert to PDF from any application by simply ‘printing’ to the PrimoPDF® printer – it couldn’t be easier! Within minutes, you can create high-quality PDFs by converting from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and virtually any other printable file type.

– FREE PDF Converter – not a trial version.

– Print to PDF from virtually any application.

– Create PDF output optmized for print, screen, ebook, or prepress.

– No annoying pop-up ads, no registration requirement – no catch!

– High-quality, easy to use PDF creator for all users.

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You Send

Does your email program or ISP limit the size of messages you can send? Our do send files to people with limits on the size attachements they can receive? Here is a solution: If you need to transfer large files to someone, here is a free service that uploads the files to their web site and sends the email link to the recipient. will store files for seven days or 100 downloads. A paid subscription will give you even more, but I’ve found this very handy rather than overloading someone’s inbox with file attachments!

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Conference Calls

This is the only free service that I have found that will also automatically record the call for you, and make it available free for 30 days. You can have up to 99 participants on your calls.

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Search Engine Terms

Ever wonder how many times people search for terms (such as “San Francisco Real Estate” or “Marin County Antiques”). Find out here:

  • Overature

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7-Zip screenshotZip Files

7-Zip (Free)

Windows has had built-in support for ZIP file archives for years now, but even in the latest Windows Vista release candidate that support is quite basic and slow in dealing with archives containing a large number of files. 7-Zip is an open source program that can handle just about any archive format you can throw at it, including its own .7z format, which provides the best compression in many cases. Unlike many of its shareware brethren, 7-Zip isn’t bedecked with cartoony icons, but is lean and mean with no frills.

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File Transfer and Version Control

FileZilla screenshotFileZilla (Free)

Like 7-Zip, FileZilla does for free what a great many shareware tools once asked you to pay for: transferring files to and from FTP and Secure FTP servers. Add to the price tag the benefit of open source development, and you’ve got a real winner. Unfortunately, FileZilla is a little slower than some of the commercial Secure FTP clients, because it relies on a free encryption library that has performance issues.

SmartFTP screenshotSmartFTP (Free or US$36.95)

More featureful and costly than FileZilla, but still free for non-commercial use, SmartFTP supports setting the “sticky bits” in the file permissions of Linux file systems, which I occasionally need to do in order to ensure PHP scripts get write access to certain directory structures on a Linux server.

SmartCVS/SmartSVN (Free or US$69)

Various projects can be managed in Concurrent Versions System and Subversion repositories to track the changes between file versions. There are of course command-line toolsavailable for both these systems, and many IDEs integrate with these systems as well, but for general web development projects, a standalone tool is required.

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Host Unlimited Domains on 1 Account

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