The latest and greatest WordPress: about version 4.3

It’s the little things in life that make us happy and release of WordPress is one. It’s a big release which means maybe this isn’t such small thing afterall.  Having a good WordPress website has come to mean in part, have the most up to date version of the software and all its plugins. Here’s the news directly from about the recent August 2015 release of version 4.3:

Version 4.3 of WordPress, named “Billie” in honor of jazz singer Billie Holiday, is available. New features in 4.3 make it even easier to format your content and customize your site.

This version brings menu management to the customizer and introduces site icons, a convenient way to manage favicons and app icons for your site. WordPress 4.3 also includes improved password handling and adds formatting shortcuts to the editor.

What else is new? We’re doing a census of the WordPress world and need your help! This survey takes just 5 minutes:




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