Great iPhone apps for Business owners

As a business owner, you may feel like you get so busy at times and would love a personal assistant to help in your hectic daily life. We are all looking for ways to simplify our lives. Why not turn your phone/tablet into your own personal assistant by using these great organizing, motivating, and generally useful apps.  This is a recap of the apps recommended on recently for busy parents (aren’t all business owners basically parents?).

Organization/Time Management Apps:

  1. – If you can’t stand unread email messages in your inbox, this is the app for you. You will be able to tell it when to put specific emails (that you don’t want in your inbox at the time) back into your inbox to deal with later. You can then choose snooze after that to yet again have have it come back at a later date.
  2. IFTTT – “If This Then That”. A tool for automation that works for almost any app on your phone. For example, if a certain email comes in that you always have to manually move to a different folder, you can automate this. Also, if you typically like to save your social media posts to a certain place, like dropbox, you can also automate this.
  3. Sunrise – If you use multiple calendar applications, this can be hard to manage and keep track of. This app will sync all your calendar items in one place.
  4. TeuxDeux – A fantastic To-Do app with a touch of humor.
  5. – For $5, a freelance Shyp “hero” will come to your door and take care of anything you need to ship. They will package it, send it through a carrier, and send you the bill. These “heroes” get shipping discounts for you.
  6. Feedly – You can merge together all the “new content” from multiple blogs, websites, etc that you usually have to sift through each day, and puts them into one list for you. This way you can read, dismiss, or save any posts or articles and then get on with your day sooner.
  7. Matchbook – A library for storing your restaurant history and recommendations. Keeps track of your favorites menu items in the notes.
  8. Mail to Self – This app lives inside your browser. Use it to forward important or memorable websites to yourself with one touch.


  1. Strava – “This social app for the hyper-fit crowd lets you virtually race other runners and cyclists on your favorite routes by showing your average times and splits.”
  2. Sleep Cycle – “An alarm clock on steroids, Sleep Cycle allows you to designate a window during which you’d like to wake up, and tracks your movements throughout the night so the alarm goes off when you’re not deep in your REM cycle (no wearables required).”
  3. Ovia – For moms-to-be, this is an easy-to-use ovulation and fertility tracking app.
  4. Nike + Training Club – Nike’s Training Club app has an enormous library of workouts that are easy to follow. You can tailor the routines to how much time you have.
  5. OMG I Can Meditate – This app offers daily ten minute meditations, and also longer programs. You can set it to wake you up in the morning with affirmations and positivity to start out your day right.
  6. EWG’s Skin Deep – “The Environmental Working Group is our go-to resource for checking beauty and wellness products for toxic ingredients. Their app allows you to check for toxicity in real time at the store.”


  1. Fetch – For $10 a month, Fetch’s team of professional shoppers find the cheapest place on the internet to purchase the item you want and place your order for you. They include shipping costs in their price comparison.
  2. Good Guide – A great app for anyone concerned with the environmental and social footprint of everyday consumer products. This app uses a barcode scanning function. The long-term goal is to encourage companies to produce better, cleaner products by buying better, cleaner products.
  3. Instacart – “Instacart’s personal shoppers go to the grocery store for you, pick up your items, and deliver them to your door within an hour. The best part about this service is their website, which makes it really easy to compare products (including ingredient lists and prices) side by side.”
  4. Move Loot – Similar to Craigslist, but infinitely easier to use and 100% creepy-stranger-free. As of right now, the service is only offered in select cities in California, North Carolina, Georgia, and New York, but more are expected to get in in the action soon.


  1. TripIt: This app complies hotel, flight, and rental car confirmations, dinner reservations, etc. into a single master itinerary.
  2. GTFO – “Get The Flight Out”. This app helps find the flights that have dropped significantly in price as the departure date has neared.
  3. Just Landed – For $2.99, this app will alert you when you need to leave for the airport, therefore preventing you from getting there only to find out the flight was delayed, which we all dread. This app will also notify you if the flight was delayed or cancelled, etc.
  4. Elance – This app will give you a list of various freelancers. A typical favorite is using one of their travel planners to help put together trips, particularily if you’re going somewhere you’ve never been before.


  1. Overcast – “Overcast uses a cloud service to access podcasts, so they won’t clog up your memory space.”
  2. Elevate – Brain games to boost your memory, creativity, and short-term information retention.
  3. Audible – Amazon’s easy-to-use Audible is the best audiobook app. You are able to listen across all devices and swap books for free if something isn’t to your liking.
  4. Rooster – For a $5 a month membership, this app divvys up novels into 20-30 page chunks over the course of a month in order to try to get busy people to read them.




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