Pinterest – Another Great Way to Reach Your Audience

Have you heard about Pinterest? Have you been there, opened an account, pinned? Great!
Now, did you know you can use it to promote your business?

We love The 10 Commandments of Using Pinterest for Business by Donna Moritz at Amy Porterfield’s blog. This article is jam-packed with things you will want to know.

In a nutshell:
1. Plan for Pinning Success – get set up correctly and use the Pinterest Business Center
2. Check the Source Before You Pin – always, always check sources and give credit where it’s due
3. Pin Strategically – use great keywords, make your pins eye-catching and follow your peers and interests
4. Be Social – comment, like, say “thanks” and use names and tags
5. Produce Visual Content – use images, presentations and videos; includes great tips and links to creation tools (There’s a great infographic here to inspire you)
6. Remember to Create and Curate – be a great source for others to follow; share others’ information and boards, learn from them and look for and create “new” and “fresh” pins
7. Promote Creatively – engage your followers with promotions and competitions (be sure to follow the Pinterest guidelines)
8. Don’t Neglect SEO & Referral Traffic – add hashtags, urls and keywords and learn how Pinterest search operates
9. Use Tools – Buttons, creation tools, the mobile app, pin alerts and more…
10. Research and Measure – learn who is following you; who else they may be following; who is attracting followers – find out if you are getting the referrals you want
So go on over to Amy’s blog and learn more about how to make one of the most “fun” sites on the web into another great tool for your business.



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