Your website on server is safe from the Heart Bleed Virus

Last night news about a remote OpenSSL bug was disclosed on which detailed out an exploit in the OpenSSL system library that handles HTTPS connections on website server.  Our server does not use the version of security software that we use and we are therefore not effected

Other non-BB Creative websites you use were effected.  It’s a good idea to change your passwords on those sites.Interested in more technical facts about HeartBleed?

This bug impacts CentOS 6.x servers and any server with Litespeed prior to 4.2.9. A fix was issued by the CentOS maintainers which patched this issue last night. Litespeed has also patched this with version 4.2.9. All CentOS 6 servers that do not have any added third party yum repositories, along with cPanel/WHM updates turned on, should have auto updated over the course of last night and this morning. The solution is to push out the Litespeed upgrade to all affected customers. This means that these server should already be patched with the fix that prevents this issue moving forward. Support teams has been working hard today to ensure that all CentOS 6 servers have been updated with this patch.



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