Why Your Customers Abandon Your Site Before Buying?

You have a great looking site, fantastic products, and a killer shopping cart app. So why aren’t your customers buying?

Research shows that 56% of abandoned shopping carts are due to unexpected costs. If you ask your customers to pay $10.00 in shipping for a $5.00 item, they will balk. This is especially true now that shipping carriers are advertising low flat rates. Consider posting shipping costs within your product listing (i.e. Price $5.00 plus $10.00 shipping and handling). Also note from whom you must collect sales tax (i.e., “California residents add 9% sales tax”).

Another sales killer is a slow-loading website. People expect to see a website instantly, even on a cell phone or tablet. If your site isn’t optimized for mobile viewing, you can bet your customers won’t wait around for it. On a desktop or laptop, expectations are even higher. Your beautiful high-resolution photos can’t impress people if they don’t see them instantly.

One more factor affecting your success rate is how secure people feel about filling out their payment information on your site. Offering a range of payment options including both PayPal and credit cards, and not requiring registration enhance your chances that your customers will feel comfortable completing their purchases.

Finally, don’t forget to make suggestions based on what is already in their cart.  They cared enough to start the purchase process! Help them finish it.








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