Google Tools & Products to utilize for free

Must haves

  1. Google Account.  This always confuses people because you have an email address such as and register it as a Google account.  It’s not necessary (but you are welcome to do it if you have the need), to create a google email.  Google emails and accounts are separate things if necessary.
  2. Analytics
    1. It is critical to not count yourself looking at your own website as.  IF you have 50 users per day looking at your site but you  and your staff count as 5 of those, then your statistics are over reporting by 20% your traffic.  More importantly you look through other statistics and end up tracking behavior.  Your own behavior of bouncing around the website (and save the favorite pages), becomes majorly asquewed.
  3. Webmaster Tools
    1. checks your site daily for Malware and other health issues
    2. Tells you when you have broken links on your site
    3. Sync’s Google Analytics
    4. Submit a Sitemap so that all the pages and blog posts for sure get indexed on Google.  If you are blogging at least monthly, so should you (or have us) submit a sitemap every day
  4. Google Talk (a competitor of Skype)

Then to rank better refer to our SEO & Auditing Services.

Any of these tools are fully compatible with any html site including our specialties WordPress, Drupal and other open source PHP & mySQL websites.



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