When Apple announced the iPad Air they also updated the whole site’s design

When Apple announced and launched for sale the iPad 2014, they also launched a make over for their website.  In our opinion it’s cutting edge and looks great.  They use captivating, larger and images your want to dive into as a singular focal point to sell their products.  The simplicity is brilliant and “doesn’t make the user think” and is directed to buy or find out more.  Also the navigation is still in the same familiar place so people can get around in a familiar easy way.  Here are some screenshots of what we liked:

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 11.29.44 AM

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 11.29.54 AM Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 11.30.02 AM Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 11.31.13 AM Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 11.31.57 AM



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