Twitter Vocab

Most of our web design and SEO/Online Marketing clients are probably still new to Twitter and trying to follow all the buzz words they have heard. We looked around for a comprehensive list of Twitter vocabulary. Here’s a start.

  • tweets (noun): posts made by twitter users, which must be under 140 characters.
  • tweet – verb. to send a twitter message
  • tweeps – noun. one’s twitter friends
  • follow: subscribe to a particular users’ twitter posts
  • unfollow: unsubscribe from a particular users’ twitter posts
  • RT: Retweet: tweeting content posted by another user
  • DM / direct message: send a direct private message to another twitter user
  • tweetback: a backlink tweet for a blog article
  • favorite: a post on twitter that you mark as favorite to find it quickly when you need it
  • followorthy: a twitter user who is worthy of following
  • followspam: The practice of following another twitter account, usually to prompt a reciprocol follow in order to boost follow count, or to encourage the followee to explore the profile fo the follower, whereupon they inevitably see some form of advertising or come-on.
  • tweetup: meeting a Twitter user/s in the real world
  • Fly-bye: signing off of twitter
  • tweeps: friends on twitter
  • tweople: people who tweet
  • twirting: flirting on twitter
  • twirt (verb): same as above
  • twitterhea: the unstoppable urge to tweet
  • twammer: Twitter + spammer: someone that follows many people and post updates with links to web sites akin to those found in spam e-mails.
  • tweetjacking: Hijacking someone’s tweet by switching their link for your own and retweeting it, piggybacking on their authority to drive traffic to your own target page.
  • chirp storm (noun): popular twitter, tweeted about by many.


  • This list should be on Wikipedia, but is not!
  • Somewhere else to look,


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